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Architects & Interior Designer Corner / International Design Collection / Architect Designer Collection

  • International Design & Art Concepts Exclusive and Special For Architects & Designers .Selective Range Which is Inspired by World Wide Designing Concepts and  rarely available in the market and hence makes these range more unique.
  • Out of the Box Wall Textures & Designing concepts
  • Master Shade Cards
  • Customisation in Shades & Patterns of Paint, Textures, Wallpapers , Wall Tattoo 
  • Le Corbusier Shades of Colours
  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee Designer Wallpapers

International Texture/Design Collection
1.      Expose/Concrete Effects/Archi Auguste
2.      Lime Based Texture
3.      Italian Venetian Plaster Texture
4.      Gold/Silver/Copper Paper Leafing
5.      Italian Plaster Estucco Concepts Texture
6.      Metalic Sand Texture
7.      Patina Effect Texture
8.      Rust Effect Texture
Personalised  Texture & Wallpapers